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2009 Merchandising Catalog

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

What is it?

Loyalty or Rewards programs award points or credits to your customers for shopping with you. Points/Credits are tracked thru the Valutec system and can be used as a secondary currency to purchase "stuff" at your store. The best news? There is no additional cost for a loyalty/reward program for anyone on the Valutec system. Merchants pay only for loyalty cards and additional loyalty transactions. If you are on one of our packaged plans, transactions will apply towards gift or loyalty transactions.

What makes it unique?

Loyalty/Rewards cards are different because they don't contain monetary value - they track customer activity. You give them to your customers as part of your marketing campaign to keep the customers that you have, encourage them to purchase with you more frequently, help collect demographic data and gain an edge over your competition.

Who Uses Loyalty & Reward Programs?

Every merchant can benefit from using a loyalty or reward program. Most merchants who ask us about loyalty are those looking for ways to expand their customer base and encourage frequent purchases. Who doesn't want to do that? Want more information? Take a look at our loyalty brochure. Want to talk about a loyalty/rewards solution for your business? Call us at the number below. We'd love to discuss some ideas that fit your business!

What's Included?

The specific items that come with your program will depend upon the processing package you select. Loyalty cards can be ordered with any of our card packages (JumpStart, LaunchBox, Choice). Already have a Valutec program and want to add loyalty? No problem. Give us a call at the number below and we'll help you get started with your loyalty program immeadiately.

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