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2009 Merchandising Catalog


What are they?

PromoCards are gift cards in form, but very different in function. They work as a marketing tool as a part of a promotional campaign or direct mailing to help drive customer traffic to you.

What makes them unique?

Promotional cards are different in that your customers do not purchase them. These are cards that represent a value (you choose what that value is) to the customer. As the merchant, you distribute these card to potential customers in order to attract business or build a promotion. Because no money changes hands between you and your customers, the reporting and tracking of the card value for tax purposes is also different. We help you do that with specialized reporting for all promotional cards.

Who Uses PromoCards?

Merchants who use PromoCards want to create a promotion, advertise a new product, are new to their community or simply want to introduce their business to potential new customers.

How it works

  • Determine the dollar value of the cards you want to distribute or mail to your customers.
  • Determine how many cards you want Valutec to create for you.
  • Swipe the customerís PromoCard at the point of sale to remove the value from their card and apply the dollar value on the card as a discount off of their purchase price.
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