So you have your gift card program. But how do you maximize its potential? Valutec can help you take your program to the next level by extending your card marketing efforts with....

  • Email Marketing

    Have an email mailing list and want to send them promotional cards to drive customers into your location? Valutec can send email marketing campaigns to your customer base to help drive revenue.
  • Virtual Cards

    Instantly deliver a gift card virtually through your website. Valutec virtual cards can be printed or shown directly from a mobile phone.
  • Mobile Marketing

    Want to market to your customers via their cell phone? Valutec has partnered with the leading provider of text message marketing campaigns so that you can be with your customers wherever they go. Go mobile!
  • Key Chain Cards

    Our gift / loyalty card program can be attached to your customer's keychain. More commonly used for loyalty programs, these high quality mini versions of our regular cards can be quite convenient for your busy loyal customers.
  • Online Gift Card Redemption

    Your website can redeem your Valutec gift cards! Simply request this service and Valutec will supply your web developer the prewritten code to integrate into your shopping cart. When your customers check out using a gift card, the information will be communicated to Valutec's secure database.
  • Multi Location Pooling

    In order to resolve the accounting nightmares that result from cross-usage of gift cards at multiple locations, Valutec offers pooling services that will settle gift card funds and make sure the right people are paid. Several options are available to give you the flexibility your business needs.
  • Direct Mail

    Put your promotional cards right in your customer's (or potential customer's) mailbox with Valutec's direct mail post cards. They are a fully customizable postcard with a promotional card attached. These cards are tracked via the Valutec database just like your gift card to measure your return on investment.
  • Reporting

    Demographic data can be entered for each cardholder on your secure web portal on the Valutec website. This allows your customer's purchase activity to be stored, "mined" and used to target marketing offers to specific groups of customers.